• Open or Closed? Which kind of adoption suits your family?

    Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

    Growing your family through adoption is a major decision that opens up even more questions. One of the earliest considerations for families thinking about adoption is the question of open vs. closed adoption. Types of Adoption Closed adoption, also called confidential adoption, means that the files of the birth parents are sealed. As the adoptive […]

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  • Answers to 10 Common Adoption Questions

    Thursday, February 15th, 2018

    Adoption is a lengthy and often complex process that leaves many potential parents confused, not knowing where to turn. Fiddler Osband, LLC can help anyone considering adoption in Minnesota find the answers they need. We’ll take you through the ten most common questions and their answers. 1. How Many Children Are Waiting For Adoption? There […]

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  • Blending Seamlessly: How To Prepare Your Child For Adoption

    Thursday, November 30th, 2017

    Adoption will be a major adjustment for everyone. That is why it is important for you to prepare everyone for the adjustment including your current children. There are several things that you will have to do in order to prepare your children for adoption. Talk to Your Children You should tell your children about the […]

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  • Taking Care of Native Children: What You Should Know About ICWA

    Saturday, September 30th, 2017

      The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)¬†protects Native American children who are members of or are eligible to be members of a federally recognized tribe. Specific rules apply to them in non-divorce custody cases such as termination of parental rights, foster care, and adoption (especially Minnesota adoption).   Are there Differences in Raising Native American […]

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